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A storyboard is a graphic organizer that represents the occurrence or course of events. Storyboards are a powerful way to visually present information and explaining a process.

These are a set of sequential illustrations to depict a story. Basically, storyboard breaks a story into linear and small chunks, it allows others to focus on each cell separately with full concentration.

The idea of storyboard was developed at Walt Disney Production during the early 30s. Recently, storyboards have been used in web development, software development to present the event, in audio and motion particularly on electronic pages. By using storyboards a designer can experiment with changes in the sequence before the production begins. It makes the production process smoother by giving you a rough idea. There can be many types to be used for different purposes. The main purpose of a storyboard is pre-visualising your story.

A step consists of a picture in a box (visual representation), a summary line (text used to summarize the part of the story ) and a detailed explanation if desired. The concept of the storyboard is used in films, animation or comic books.

Storyboards will help you in rough visualization of the sequence of your story. So, you can download storyboard templates from here and add your own illustrations into it.